Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bobby McBloggy

Hello people of the internet!

I've decided to stick my toes back into the blog world.


Because, honestly, there just aren't enough artists blogging these days, are there?

More soon.


  1. Bob--

    Have you have no idea how much you have made my day! LOL Thank you for your post on my blog about my daughter's Wow Wow Wubbzy Halloween costume! I LOVE Wubbzy (as does my daughter, obviously...LOL) and it's really cool to have the actual creator of Wubbzy see my creative genius at work. :) I'm totally stoked...hahahaha! I'll be following this blog--I didn't know you had a new one. I follow the Wubblog but see it hasn't had any action for a while. Thank you for taking the time to comment--it totally made my day. I'm sooooo texting my husband at work right now! Hahahaha! -Sara Haley

  2. Sara-

    It's great to see what fans of the show are doing.
    I used to post on the Wubblog but that is now run by the Producers.

    Thanks for checking in!