Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yin! Yang! Yo!

Someone on-line put together this collection of a bunch of the cool characters from the show I created for Disney.

Thanks whoever you are.


  1. Very cool. LOVE the shapes and colors of these characters. Looks like a great show. Gotta check it out. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Frank!
    I checked out your sites.
    Really great stuff!

  3. bob can u teach me how to draw smoke & mirrors? please

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  5. Yin yang YO! Yin yang YO!!
    The 2nd amazing animation from Bob.
    Thanks soooooo muchhh!!!!! Bob because u reborn my cute feelings.
    Really miss this this show when it casted on Disney Channel Asia, wish it casted again by some channels on my country...

  6. It was my favorite show when Jetix was still airing, mainly because this cartoon was like no other at the time. I even bought a dvd recorder just to record this one specific show when i was working at a part time job so that i wouldn't miss any episodes. Ever since Jetix got replaced by Disney XD things became terrible. I never found out where Jetix sold they're magz at... I wanted one with YYY on the cover just to find out what was it about but oh well, it was great while it lasted.