Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wubbzy Halloween costumes

Here are some of the great Wubbzy Halloween costumes that I have stumbled upon.

And this one is by Jenn for her son Ryan. http://www.jenn.nu/2009/10/31/happy-halloween-2/

They are all super cool!
Thank you Google Alerts!


  1. Beautiful children. These are great photos. Love your work and WOW! WOW! WUBBZY! Anytime it is on my 6 yr old daughter has to watch it (no channel changing). Also Thanks for visiting my blog and the commenting on my Yellow Submarine illo. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great costumes! Looks like Wubbzy was a lot easier to create than Shine! ;)

  3. Thanks for featuring my little April on your blog--when she's older, she'll be totally stoked. LOL As much as April loves Wubbzy, I think next year I'll have to make her Daisy or Widget or something...hahahaha Better get started planning THAT costume! ;) (BTW, on the old Wubbzy blog, there was a post where they were talking about releasing a toy tooter scooter--any news on that?)